the world has become a single global village and we are at the advent of the time for competing various brands.
It has been apparent that I toward the future the atmosphere of brand development has largely inclined to esteem unique individuality of every nations in the world local community, industrial firm, school, home and individual.

It has been extended toward conversion of brand concept in the future that currently brand distribution type, e-business(IT) format (between the enterprise, the government and customer B2B/ B2C/ C2C/ B2G/ G2B/ G2C and G2G) show the sigh of changing trend. 

In this converting time, the designers of all nations would adopt and analyze the unique enterprise culture of the world, traits of local community specialties of the educational organization and individuals and structures a new design management paradigm by their unique brand mind of within their own various ranges. (Mammoth/Large/Medium/Small/Minimal/Private)

In order to maintain and keeping on the development of the world’s renowned brand of J.D.S BASICS, we will make a constant effort and progress in this field of business.

Thank you!
CEO Kyung-ae Jee