Our design

To pioneer unique styles focusing on patterns and colors.
To develop the styles reflecting the concept of Korean patterns.
To promote marketing of local specialties (ex: red pepper necktie, scarf and etc.) through suitable public relations.

To pioneer accessories

  • Necktie and scarf: to reflect the images of individuals and enterprises.
  • To make haute couture designs suitable for promoting the public relations for the municipal government with an appealing peculiarity in harmony with seasons.
  • Accessory items: Belt, buckle, key-holder, loop for hand-phone, and others, all designed to reflect the culture campaign to promote love for the enterprise and its public relations.
  • Business plan: To host exposition for the J.D.S BASICS designs.
  • Textiles: necktie, scarf bearing patterns. -Accessories : crafts (accessories, mini crafts, large crafts).
  • Environment-friendly items : bench, garbage can, streetlight (to make the local specialties as the main object)